Robert Younghanz Fly Fishing

Aquatic Entomology

  Teaching Aquatic Entomology to Fly Fishers is Robert Younghanz’s specialty.  

Having a fundamental understanding of trout foods and their imitations is the fulcrum of the Fly Fishing experience. There are many who believe that knowing insects and their live cycles is the very heart and soul of Fly Fishing.  Ironically, often the most prevalent “blind spot” for many Fly Fishers is having even the most basic grasp of what insects occur within a fish’s aquatic environment.  It’s pretty tough to “Match The Hatch” when one does not know what insects are emerging.  Becoming an amateur entomologist is imperative to the aspiring Fly Fisher.  Not only does this knowledge dramatically boost one’s overall confidence on the water but most importantly it arms the angler with the ability to know what  fly  to choose  in a particular situation as well as what a specific pattern is supposed to represent.



Through his lectures and streamside classes, Robert’s expertise as an Aquatic Entomologist will help you to add the title “Amateur Entomologist” to your Fly Fishing repertoire. Click here (make take several minutes to download; please be patient) to view his video example of the class (requires QuickTime).

Robert offers both group and private lessons.  During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, lecture and streamside classes are offered at the Angler’s Covey Fly Shop.    As an added benefit Robert will put special emphasis on this subject on any guided trip if requested.

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  "I took Robert's entomology classes last summer, and I had a great experience with that . Robert's combined use of humor and science to teach about the bug life in our waters and their relationship to fly fishing made the classes fun and informative."

Larry Jones
Monument, Colorado